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Why Does She Hate Me
living in this house
where I don't want to be
just wanting to run
as far as the eye can see
I need to run wish i could.
I need to be free
it's so hard to bare
not wanting to hear another lector
on how my stepmom thinks
she is the only one who cleans
that damn nasty house
I'm tired of all the bullshit
why does she hate me so bad
what did I ever do to her
I never hurt her or her family
and she isn't or never will be my boss
so what right does she have
to treat me this way
:iconabbysturgeon:AbbySturgeon 1 0
I Couldn't Ask For More
since the day I met him
hes been all I can think about
from the way he loves me,
to the way he makes me laugh
if I could, I would just
stare into his eyes forever
and stay lost in them.
his eyes are the most beautiful eyes
I have ever stared at before.
his touch may be a little rough
but it is still soft and gentle
when he asked me to marry him
I couldn't help but say yes.
cuz I fell hard for him
the first time I layed eyes on him
I thank the moon, stars. and god
for giving him to me
I couldn't ask for more.
:iconabbysturgeon:AbbySturgeon 1 0
No Where To Go
here I sit in this
house of shit
not wanting to just
stand here and yell
wanting so badly to be free
wishing I could just
get up and leave
but with nowhere to go
it's like a dead end road
keeping me trapped
like the frightened little
kid I used to be
right now I have this
urgent need to be free
thats stronger than
the wind can blow, or
fire could ever burn,
or the earth could crumble
I just want to get out and go
problem is where do I go?
:iconabbysturgeon:AbbySturgeon 1 0
x-fest by AbbySturgeon x-fest :iconabbysturgeon:AbbySturgeon 0 0 love by AbbySturgeon love :iconabbysturgeon:AbbySturgeon 0 0 pic of me by AbbySturgeon pic of me :iconabbysturgeon:AbbySturgeon 1 0
Close Your Eyes I'll Be There
Close Your Eyes And I'll Be There
(Dedicated To The Man I'm Gonna Marry)
(Davie Dave Sturgeon)
I cant be with you today
but if you close your eyes
and think of me
I'll be beside you in th kitchen
wearing your shirt, making breakfast
singing my favorite song
I'll be with you in the bedroom
waiting quietly for you on your bed
just close your eyes and think of me
remember those memories in your head
I'll stand by you in the bathroom
smiling at you playfully
as I let you brush your teeth
I'll be your light in the darkness
shining ever so steadly
you only have to watch it glow
to know I'm thinking of you
I'll be the music you listen to
I'll be there in every song
I'll laugh and sing with you
and comfort you when your days gone wrong
I'll be the wind that goes
through your hair, the warm embrace,
the hand on your shoulder,
the tender touch on your face,
and the clock ticking gently reminding you
of the time we are together
We shut the rest of the world out,
when were in our own little world-
:iconabbysturgeon:AbbySturgeon 0 1
me and my lover by AbbySturgeon me and my lover :iconabbysturgeon:AbbySturgeon 1 2
How Can I
Get In Trouble
Trouble is always
Getting Into Me
Written By: Abby Sturgeon
:iconabbysturgeon:AbbySturgeon 7 2
Me and My Love by AbbySturgeon Me and My Love :iconabbysturgeon:AbbySturgeon 0 0 me by AbbySturgeon me :iconabbysturgeon:AbbySturgeon 0 5
Vamp Beauty and Lycan Beast
The Vampire Beauty and The Lycan Beast
Once upon a time in a far away land I, Ash
Night the Vampire Princess lived. One night
Jadias and I ran away to the secret place to
get away from my father, because he was
beating a slave to death and we didn't like that.
My father was the feared ruler of the land
because he used Jadias and me to turn humans
into more Vampires and Lycans. He then used
them all for slaves and to do his bidding and
when he was done with them he would just
kill them. Anyways back to the story, the next
day Jadias and I went on a hunt for animals
for my father. Even though Hellivander was
vampire he still ate like a human. When we
went on the hunt, we ran into a few rogue
Vampires. They tried to kill Jadias and I
ripped them apart and almost killed myself.
Jadias carried me all the way back to the
castle. My father said it was my own fault
for being with Jadias there. By then I had
enough strength and I ran to my room and
started crying Jadias ran to my room to calm
:iconabbysturgeon:AbbySturgeon 1 2
My Imperfect Perfection
My Imperfect Perfection
My friends say I don't deserve you, maybe they are right. although I know they mean the opposite, that you aren't
deserving of me. I also agree. to me, you are perfect, nothing is out of place. but to me, I am imperfect, in my
eyes, easily replaced. You hold me close and love me, this, imperfect girl. and when you hold me close and kiss
me, I almost shad a tear. I really don't deserve you, this imperfect girl. you are perfection, a buried treasure
the world has yet to find. This imperfect perfection, for you, and for me. you tell me that I am the one that
is perfect, that you are the one that is imperfect. perhaps, we are both right. but to have me here, in your loving
arms, is a small paradise that we both share, in our imperfect, or perfect world of two.
:iconabbysturgeon:AbbySturgeon 4 2
Started As Friends Now Its Luv
Started As Friends
But Now Its Love
We started out as
friends and now its love.
How beautiful to
move so easily
from comradeship to
passionate intimacy,
Pure gain, with no rough
edges to remove.
This turn was nothing
I'd been thinking of,
No maybes or perhaps,
I knew desire, but
love was not for me
Until I felt my heart
from friendship move.
I never felt so happily at home
as I do now, so rich
in what life brings.
Your pleasure now is
mine, as mine is yours.
I never realized that
my life alone
Flitted like a ghost
among dead things,
Glancing in through
other people's doors.
Written by Abby Sturgeon
:iconabbysturgeon:AbbySturgeon 2 0
I Cant Stop
I Cant Stop
I cant stop thinking
about you
wondering if you
think of me, too
I cant stop thinking
of your lips
Oh! How soft they
are between mine
I cant stop imagining
your hands
As they caress my
every hair and limb
I cant stop thinking
of your face
How I love it and it
thanks me in return.
I cant stop thinking
of your voice,
as sexy as the
body it possesses.
I cant stop feeling
your touch inside me.
My Temperature rises
and emotions explode.
I cant stop thinking of
how much I want you,
how I need you
No matter what you do,
I cant stop thinking
about you.
Written By Abby Sturgeon
:iconabbysturgeon:AbbySturgeon 2 0
there he sat all alone
wishing I wasn't
so far from his home
as we miss each other
more and more
as the time goes by
needing me by his side
so he don't have to cry
all alone about this
pain inside
wishing she didn't die
so young she was
and It wasn't even her
time to go, so why did
she have to go?
Written By: Abby Sturgeon
:iconabbysturgeon:AbbySturgeon 2 0


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i am gonna write a story when its done tell me wat u think


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